Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Aristocrats Consider Poverty

 With his serious financial predicament (involving his American wife's fortune), Robert Crawley, as of Downton Abbey Sreason 3 Episode 2, Lord Grantham, is forced to sell his family's ancestral home. As a result, the Crawley family must "downsize" to a much smaller estate. They choose a small estate to the north they own, which they plan on calling Downton Place. For some reason this means that the Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley, Robert's mother, must also sell her georgian mansion, The Dower House, which is about the size of Downton Place. Unknowing where she will reside, she asks her son. 

Violet: And where will I live?

Robert: Well we still own most of the town

Violet: So I suppose I should live there and open up a shop?

Despite the town, Down Place also came with extensive lawns and gardens and several outbuildings. With a much smaller house, the family also must get accustomed to a much less grander lifestyle than they are used to. 

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