Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Recommendation

Newportraits by Eileen Warburton and New...

I recently bought this wonderful book called Newportraits for $2 bucks. It is by the Newport Art Museum and features wonderful paintings and busts of many of Newport's Gilded Age elite and their descendants. Among those whose paintings or busts are featured are: Cornelius Vanderbilt II, Caroline Astor, OLiver Hazard Perry, Abraham Redwood, Ogden Goelet, Elizabeth Drexel (Mrs Harry Lehr), John Carter Brown, Mrs William Watts Sherman, John R and Noreen Drexel III, John Nicholas Brown, The Cushing Family, Elizabeth Blake (Betty Blake), Jackie Kennedy, Hugh D Auchincloss, James Gordon Bennett Jr, Jimmy and Candy Van Alen, Olive Pell, Claiborne Pell, Doris Duke, Mrs. Louis Bruguiere, Cynthia Cary (Mrs Guy Fairfax Cary), Ruth Buchanan Wheeler, Katherine Warren, Mr and Mrs Arthur Curtiss James and Barton Gubelmann. It is a truly fascinating book, with fabulous images and brief, but good, descriptions of the artists and the sitters. 

To See A Copy on Amazon, Click HERE 

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