Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Residence of John R. Drexel , Newport RI

"As a feudist Mrs. Fish was unequaled and she particularly enjoyed her altercations with other Newport hostesses. Mrs. John Drexel had a male secretary who was her inseparable companion. One day a friend of Mrs. Drexel came up to Mrs. Fish. 'Mamie, have you seen Cousin Alice?' she asked. 'I've looked everywhere in the house,' she added anxiously. 'No,' replied Mrs. Fish. 'Have you looked under the secretary?' "
-"The Last Resorts"

The John R Drexel residence in Newport RI was a lovely, though modest, residence along Bellevue Avenue. The home was occupied until the Drexels moved into another Newport estate, Fairholme, which they had bought for $123,000. Their son, John Jr. lived in the home with his wife and family during the Summer Social Seasons. When his father sold Fairholme and moved to Paris, he stayed behind, still living in the house. When he died, followed by his wife, their son John Drexel III, who lived at his mansion, Stonor Lodge, just down the Avenue with his wife, Noreen, sold the estate and grounds. He died in 2007, followed by his widow in 2012.

Mrs John R Drexel, Aunt of Mrs Harry Lehr, Later Lady Decies 

Phot: Courtesy of Providence Public Library 


  1. Which one was the original J. Drexel house on Bellevue Ave.?

  2. I'm glad to have discoverd your blog a few weeks ago.
    I'm German and confronted with the terrible destructions of WWII in our cities.

    So it's sad to read about so many beautiful buildings demolished in the USA without any war.

    Nevertheless your blog is a fascinating read about interesting people and stories, full of buildings worth to be remembered and documented.

    Thank you!

    Alexander Roslin

    1. Thank You

      You're right, these buildings are worth being documented. It is sad that these buildings were not destroyed as a result of War, but as a result of changing tastes. How can America destroy such pieces of History? Although Newport has been very lucky. Newporters have realized that these properties need to be saved and they have done so. I am thankful very much to the Preservation Society for saving the so many of these homes.

      I have done my best to document the homes that made it and the ones that didn't and I have amassed a wonderful collection of photos and info.

      Thank You for your wonderful comment and observations.


    2. I agree with you in every way. But the USA is a capitalist country that never care in preserving the art of architecture but the art of enriching themselves. It angers me to see such indifference towards the real value of art.

  3. I think the picture you posted is actually of Fairholme, before it was renovated.

  4. I agree. It looks like Fairholme.

  5. It is deffinetly Fairholme Anthony

  6. The fire is the result of turning a Historic home into a commercial property!


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