Monday, December 17, 2012

A Cabinet That Could Afford It

A cabinet that could afford it

"There is not in my cabinet one man to whom it is not a financial disadvantage to stay
in the cabinet"
- President Roosevelt at Asbury Park

This comical illustration, made in 1905, depicts 6 men and one woman sitting at a table and two men standing behind them, each given a cabinet position. (Seated: Left to Right) J. P. Morgan ($25.2 Billion) as "Sec'y Navy", Thomas W Lawson ($1.3 Billion) as "Sec'y War", Thomas Ryan Fortune ($3 Billion) as "Att'y Gen'l", Russell Sage ($1.8 Billion) as "Sec'y Agric", Henrietta "Hetty" Green ($3.* Billion) as "Post Mistress Gen'l", Andrew Carnegie ($297 Billion) as "Sec'y State" and John D Rockefeller ($663 Billion) as "Sec'y Treas. Behind them are (From Left To Right) James J. Hill ($2.5 Billion) as "Sec'y Int." and James Hazen Hyde ($7.7 Billion) as "Sec'y of Com. and Lab.".

Photo, Courtesy of Library of Congress.

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