Saturday, October 6, 2012

Design For The Entrance Grill To The Vanderbilt's Marble House

Above the design for the entrance grill to the Vanderbilt family's Marble House, their cottage in Newport. The cottage was built by Richard Morris Hunt and contained about 500,000 square feet of marble. It had been constructed for William and Alva Vanderbilt. Alva later on divorced William and claimed Marble House as part of her divorce settlement. Afterwards she married Oliver Belmont, who lived in another Newport cottage not far from Marble House, called Belcourt Castle. Shortly before her death, Alva sold the cottage to the Frederick H Princes. In 1957, Marble House was the scene of the Tiffany Ball , held by the Preservation Society of Newport to raise funds for their preservation work. Marble House was later bought by Harold Vanderbilt (Alva and William's youngest son), who donated it to the Preservation Society in honor of his mother. 


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