Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beechwood, The Astor Cottage, Newport

Beechwood was first built for merchant Daniel Parrish by architects Andrew Downing and Calvert Vuax. The first cottage burned down in a fire and the one that stands there today was built. The mansion and grounds were purchased by millionaire William Backhouse Astor Jr for his wife Caroline Schermerhorn, Queen of New York City Society. Caroline brought in architect Richard Morris Hunt to redesign the "cottage" and turn it into a mansion capable of holding lavish parties. The renovations included the adding of a large ballroom to the back of the house and the adding of a servant's wing. After her son, John,'s death, Beechwood was sold by his son, Vincent, to Count and Countess Paul De Kotzebue. The Count sold the estate to Mr. and Mrs. William C. Clark of Newport and Palm Beach. They closed down 11 of the estate's 48 rooms and used the house for lavish entertaining. Today it is undergoing restoration renovation by billionaire Larry Edison. Click HERE to find out more about the Astors and their mansion in New York City. Click HERE to find out more about Beechwood.

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