Friday, February 8, 2013

Mrs John R Drexel Sr.

Mrs. John R. Drexel, Sr. (d. 1947)

Mrs John Rozet Drexel Sr, Alice G Troth, who prominently carried on her family's lavish and expensive way of excess living until her death in 1947. In New York City, her husband had Horace Trumbauer build a lavish limestone palace at a cost of $500,000 ($5 million in today's money). In Newport, they had a large tudor mansion erected, which they gracefully named "Fairholme". Both of these homes Alice had filled with the finest antique furniture she could find. She also showered herself with millions of dollars in jewels and gems, and clothed herself in the latest and most expensive costumes straight from Paris. After a few years of parties, and the elopement of her daughter to a invalid, the Drexels set of for Paris, where they purchased a city townhouse, and never returned. When her husband died, and her son being extremely irresponsible, she became vastly close to her grandson, John R Drexel III, who had married Noreen Stonor. When she died in 1947, she left everything to her grandson. This included all of her money (in cash, $7 million), jewels, gems, paintings, silverware, gold, furs, clothes, personal affects, furniture, rugs, chairs, vases, artwork, statuary, sculptures, glassware, antiques, masterpieces, documents, personal papers, stock, interest, Paris property, New York property, Newport property, Philadelphia property and a large trust. Most of the antique furniture went into redoing the Drexels Newport estate, Stonor Lodge. A large monument was erected in honor of his grandmother. 


  1. Tyler - A few tidbits about Fairholme. The Drexels didn't actually build it - they purchased and remodelled it (the house was built in the 1870s). In 1913 and 1914 the Drexels rented the house for the season to Mrs George D. Widener, who in 1912 watched in horror as her husband and son went down on the Titanic - she and Mrs. Astor were on the same lifeboat. Mrs. Widener summered at Fairholme while her grand Newport palace. Mirimar, was being built. She was also planning the Widener Library at Havard at this time. Mrs. Widener's first grandchild was born at Fairholme - Titanic Bill

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