Friday, November 30, 2012

Madison Avenue And East 67th Street


Madison Avenue and East 67th Street was one of New York City's oldest streets, it was also one of it's longest lasting. Though mostly filled with identical brownstones, overtime, like most of New York's fashionable streets, it began to fill with elegant and grand mansions. The grandest mansion on the street was The Cutting Mansion (left). Although a large office building was built in the middle of the mansions, that was basically the only major commercial development the street saw. It wasn't until after The Cutting Mansion was demolished that 67th Street began to be invaded, the entire block sinking rather quickly. The last private residence on the block was a large double mansion (right), which was occupied by an elderly dowager, old enough to have seen the Cutting Mansion being built. 

The Large Double Mansion Occupied By An Elderly Dowager, It Was The Last To Go 

To Read about The Cutting Mansion, Click HEREHERE and HERE. To 67th street as it is today, Click HERE .

Photos courtesy of The Museum of The City of New York

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