Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Breakers, 1968

File:Breakers -rear view.JPG
The Breakers, 1968

The Cornelius Vanderbilt II 'cottage' in Newport RI is one of the grandest in America, 
 costing more than $7 million to build and it
is now owned by the Preservation Society of Newport. Be fore it was given
to them, it was rented out to them by the Vanderbilt's daughter, Gladys, who lived
in an apartment on the third floor. Her heirs still live up there

I recently got an email from one of my followers, and she had a very good question for me. The question was if I thought Alice Jr, Cornelius and Alice's daughter who died very young, died at the age of 5 or at the age of 9-10 (which is what she thought). Now I always believed it was 9, but I really would like to get some concrete evidence for her. Can anyone give me some evidence as to which age is the correct one? 


  1. B.H. Friedman states in his biography of Gertrude V. Whitney that the child was 5. Born in 1869 and died in 1874.

  2. Charlie Patrick is correct. I was a tour guide for many years at The Breakers. Little Alice died at age 5. Her siblings, by and large, had poor longevity as well. Indeed, Mrs. Vanderbilt outlived 4 of her 7 children. Of the 3 who survived her, only the Countess lived past 70. In spite of all the tragedies that Mrs. Vanderbilt suffered, she never waivered in her strong Christian faith. The parallels between her and Rose Kennedy are striking. Titanic Bill

  3. You're comparing Rose Kennedy to Mrs. Vanderbilt ? Absurd ! Alice Vanderbilt realizing who she was conducted herself with refinement. She had CLASS ! Rose Kennedy never realized who she WASN'T - and conducted herself accordingly. Just ask the shopkeepers, and their employees, down Hyannis, or the house maids she hired every season. One and all would tell you she was a mean and hateful witch !


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