Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never a Dull Moment in Newport!

Mrs Robert R Young and Mrs John Nicholas Brown at the Newport Music Festival 

A wonderful newspaper article about Newport. It's main 
topic is over the Newport Music Festival and Breakers Fundraising
ball. It also mentions several of the up coming galas at 
the grand cottages. In it; Mrs Jane Langley has just bought
'Berkeley Villa' and also just arrived from showing her
paintings in Palm Beach. Harvey Firestone Jr has also bought 
a house in Newport, once owned by the Drexel family. Mr and Mrs John R
Drexel make an appearance at the opening of the Music Festival with
their daughter Noreen. 12 or more of Newport's cottages have been 
owned at some time by a member of the Drexel family, including
'Fairolme', owned by Mrs Robert R Young, whose husband
owned the New York Central. Mrs John Nicholas Brown, who is
president of the festival and cousin of Mrs Drexel, greets guests as they enter 
the hall of the 'Breakers'. Mrs Auchincloss serves as co-chairwoman of 
a music gala. 

Mr and Mrs John R Drexel III with their daughter Noreen were guests at the Music Festival 

A concert in the ballroom of 'Marble House', one of the ocean cottages built by Mr and Mrs Willie K  Vanderbilt 

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