Thursday, March 14, 2013

Books about Kykuit and the Rockefeller Family

Said to be one of the greatest and most magnificent estates overlooking
the Hudson River, 'Kykuit', though the main house and most of the land owned
by the state, is still in family hands. It was built by John D. Rockefeller Sr, the 
richest man who ever lived. It was then lived in by his son, John Jr, who
was a prominent art collector and a major philanthropist, using
 the family's wealth and prominence to amass a magnificent art collection. The house
then passed to his son, Nelson Rockefeller, who served as President Gerald Ford's 
Vice President and was founder of the Rockefeller Republicans. It was on
his death that the estate was donated, though the family still maintained most 
of the grounds, gardens and homes they had built on the property. This area 
today is known as the 'Pocantico Compound' and ten or so Rockefeller families
live there. 'The Playhouse', located on the estate, is now the current family
seat and is where the family has their annual meetings. Many great and wonderful
books have been written about the estate and family, some by family members. Here are 
some of them:

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