Monday, March 4, 2013

Gertrude Whitney's Mansion

File:William C Whitney House.jpg

This was the mansion of famed artist Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, who raged a scandolous
custody battle over her niece against her sister-in-law, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt. 
It was at this house that the child, known as 'Little Gloria', stayed with her aunt 'Gertie' during
the week. Gertrude Whitney was also the founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art and
she maintained a private apartment above the museum. With her old age coming, 
she decided, months before her death, to auction off the mansion and it's contents. Dying before
this was possible, her children continued her plan. 

Today, nothing but a large skyscraper stands on the childhood home of Gloria Vanderbilt,
also known as Gertrude Whitney's 'Palace of Art".


  1. What was the location?

    1. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the home was located at 871 Fifth Avenue and 68th Street.

  2. She looked like such a cool lady, way ahead of her time, much more fun than Gertrude Stein and her dreary set of pretentious Americans . . . her niece is cut from the same cloth, great artist and designer, incredible human; I've met people like them at the top and the bottom of the economic ladder. This new generation of trust fund bunnies is hilariously out of sync and have no style, they are like rich Smurfs.


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