Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mrs. Henry White Townhouse


In the 1920's, just as her enormously wealthy sister Florence Twombly was building a massive
palace down the avenue next door to the Frick mansion, Emily Vanderbilt White decided
to purchase a large stone townhouse, designed by Whitney Warren. Even at the time, the townhouse was one of the last on Fifth Avenue. 

Emily Thorn Vanderbilt Sloane White Had Already Been Widowed Twice

With the demolition of the Havemeyer mansion next door and the demolition of her 
sister-in-law's block-long mansion overlooking the Plaza down the street, Mrs White still carried
on. Widowed again in 1927, she carried out her remaining 19 years in grand
style. The year of her death the home was sold to Yugoslavia. 

Eventually purchased by the mission of Serbia, it a true survivor. One of the last residences 
along with Fifth Avenue, and the last Vanderbilt home on the avenue, it is and
will always remain a true New York landmark. 


  1. 1048 Fifth Avenue, home of Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt III survives as the Neue Gallery and 647 Fifth Avenue built by George Vanderbilt survives as the Versace store.

  2. Although Mrs. Vanderbilt occupied 1048 5th Ave, it was built years before for another family and 647 5th Ave was only built by the Vanderbilts to ensure the block frontage across from their spectacular twin brownstone mansions would remain residential, as they were leased to others. The truly great Gilded Age Vanderbilt houses of Cornelius Vanderbilt II and Alva Vanderbilt are sadly lost to us. Great blog

  3. And Emily White's house was also built years before for another family, so neither was Vanderbilt built. The only remaining house on 5th Ave. built by a Vanderbilt is 647, occupied by the Goelets.


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