Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Stonors

The Stonor Family was one of the most notorious families in England and Newport RI. The American part of the family started with the marriage of Mildred Sherman to Ralph Stonor, then Baron of Camoys. Like many young ladies of her time (such as Consuelo Vanderbilt, Louise Van Alen and Barbara Hutton) Mildred was a "Dollar Princess" and married Stonor for his title. It was her father's fortune that saved the Stonor's ancestral home Stonor Park. Her daughter Noreen (pictured above) was the one who cut a slash in Newport society. Her other daughter Nadine was a quiet and sweet socialite who quietly married a Pepys. Her final child Sherman inherited Stonor Park and the barony. He married the extremely abusive Jeanne and they lived miserably at Stonor. It was said by their daughter Julia (who is currently helping me with my book about Newport) that Jeanne murdered her husband and then was murdered by Julia's brother and her daughter. 

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