Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anglsea Estate, Newport RI

Built in 1880 by Detlef Lienau for dry good merchant Walter H. Lewis, is was sold to the Pierson Family of New York. Soon after purchasing the home, Mrs Pierson, the former Susan Rhodes, inherited a nearby cottage, Roselawn, which was right down the street. Like the Van Alen children, who split their early Newport summers between Wakehurst and Rosetta Cottage, the Pierson children split their summers between Anglsea and Roselawn. Mr and Mrs Pierson, along with daughter Marguerite, were included amongst Mrs Astor's 400. On the Piersons death, the house passed through several family heirs, eventually ending up in the hands of Mrs Beverly Bogert, a fashionable hostess who lived in the house till her death in 1996. Afterwards it was sold and it is now a private residence. 


  1. Beverly Bogert was actually male. He had a right to occupy the house but never owned the property as that honor was held by his sister and later nieces/nephews(?). There is also a small island off the coast of SRBA that did belong to Mr. Bogert.

  2. I don't know who wrote this but Beverly Bogert was a MAN, not a woman. I used to work for him as did my father and my brother back in the late 70s.


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