Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Henry Augustus Coit Taylor Townhouse, New York City

The H. A. C. Taylor mansion at 3 East 71st Street Fifth Avenue is probably one of the finest homes in New York City, although it is also the least well known. It was built for millionaire Henry Augustus Coit Taylor of Newport RI., who resided in the home until his death.

An Exterior View Of The Mansion, Around The Time Henry Built The Residence, A Small Garden Occupied The Adjoining Lot

The Dining Room Of The Taylor Residence Was A Large And Comfortable Room, With Views Of The Garden And Street

After Taylor died, his heirs sold the mansion and it was purchased by developers, who replaced the fine residence with another ugly skyscraper. A few years later, the area would become the heart of the fashionable district, with heiress Florence Twombly building a 70-room palace next door and the Blair mansion going up across the street, and the prices of lots would become very expensive, if only the Taylor heirs had waited a little longer, their father's mansion would be worth millions.

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