Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A View Of Willie Vanderbilt Jr.'s New York City Chateau

Above is a photo of the Willie K. Vanderbilt Jr residence in New York City. Constructed by Stanford White, the chateau had been built to help safeguard the area from commercial invasion. It had been a gift to Willie, given by his wealthy father, William K. Vanderbilt, grandson of the famous Commodore Vanderbilt. Willie had lived there with his wife, Virginia Fair, until their separation, after which he lived primarily at his Long Island estate.

(Top) Details And Facade Renderings Of The Vanderbilt Chateau, (Bottom) The First, Second And Third Floor Plans Of The Mansion

The Vanderbilts divorced in 1927 and the chateau was demolished awhile afterwards. Just a few years before, the mansion of William Vanderbilt Sr. had been demolished.


  1. Do you know in whicch block this was located?

  2. The mansion was located at 660 Fifth Avenue, right next door to Alva Belmont's famous chateau.


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