Friday, July 12, 2013

The Stonors: A Forgotten Dynasty

Noreen Stonor Drexel (1922-2012); perhaps one
of the most famous members of the Stonor family.

In 1911, Ralph Stonor, 5th Baron of Camoys, in a desperate attempt to save his bankrupt family from having to auction off and sell their beloved country estate, 'Stonor Park', married Mildred Sherman, daughter of William Watts Sherman. Mildred, one of those famed dollar-princesses, was pushed into the marriage by her imperious, bible-bashing mother, who weighed an enormous 270 pounds! With the Sherman dowry, the Stonor family was able to save their beloved country estate; with Mildred purchasing every single antique and heirloom to save it. Besides 'Stonor Park', Mildred and her husband lived in Newport, RI, where her parents summered, at a home known as 'Stonor Lodge'. Ralph and Mildred had three children; Sherman (1913-1976), Nadine (1917-2005) and Noreen (1922-2012). To read more about this forgotten dynasty, visit my pinterest page; named "The Stonors Family".

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