Monday, July 15, 2013

"Oak Point" and Mona von Bismarck

One of the finest socialites of her time ~ the iconic Mona
von Bismarck, "The Kentucky Countess".
Mona von Bismarck was one of America's all-time greatest socialites, internationally famed for her sense of style and taste. Looking past her southern origins in Kentucky, she went on to marry Harrison Williams, said to be the wealthiest man in the world at the time, with an estimated fortune of $600 million ($7,800,000,000 in today's dollars); later she won the title of "Best Dressed Woman in The World", becoming the first American to do so. The Duchess of Windsor(1934) and Elsie De Wolfe(1935) would earn this title. 
Mona ~ inheriting most of her third husband's $600 million ~ would
end of being married a total of five times; remarrying twice after William's
death. Both husbands of whom, married her for money, much like she had
her previous three husbands.

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