Saturday, July 20, 2013

'Ochre Court'

A 1960's postcard of 'Ochre Court', Newport, Rhode Island. 

The wind blew as Robert Goelet ~ heir, hotel mogul and railraod developer ~ drove out the opulent gates of his family's massive Newport palace, 'Ochre Court', for the last time. The estate, which encompasses 50-rooms of stupendous luxury all designed by famed architect Richard Morris Hunt; making the estate the second largest home in Newport, had been donated by Robert to the Sisters of Mercy, which later formed into the Salve Regina University.  It had taken weeks to pack up the hundreds of thousands of furnishings inside the home, which would all be relocated to Mr. Goelet's new home, 'Champ Soleil', located down the street, which at 31 rooms was considerably smaller than 'Ochre Court'. The empty house sat locked up, with the Sister's of Mercy taking ownership of the house about a month later. The home, which is still in their possession, would serve as the basis of what would be the Salve Regina University; with other historic estates being purchased by the university, including nearby 'Wakehurst' and 'Vinland'. 

'Ochre Court' today ~ a marvelous survivor! 

Click HERE to read the full story of this extraordinary palace! 

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