Thursday, February 21, 2013


'Wilderstein' was built by Thomas H. Suckley in 1852. His son Robert inherited the house
upon his death and commissioned several large scale renovations that turned it into the mansion
it is today. His daughter, Margaret 'Daisy' Suckley, a cousin of FDR, was the last owner of the estate. It was here that she raised several of her famous dogs, one of which she named 'Fala' and
gave to President Roosevelt. She became the archivist for the Presidential library and was one of four woman standing next to FDR when he died. In 1980, she established 'Wilderstein Preservation Society' and gave the estate and grounds to the society. Daisy died in 1991, in her 100th year. 

Photo: Robert Bruce 

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  1. This house's exterior is now entirely restored, and is beautiful to behold. The interiors, designed by L.C. Tiffany's son, are nearly finished being restored, and the grounds and view of the Hudson make the place worthy of a visit...near Rhinebeck New York.


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