Monday, February 25, 2013

960 Fifth Avenue

The apartment building at 960 Fifth Avenue is considered one of the nicest apartment buildings in New York City. The large building was designed by Whitney Warren and Rosario Candela and included a 17-room apartment with a two-story ceiling. It is famous for it's many apartments, most of which are designed differently and have different floor plans. Among it's many different residents have been Mrs Henry 'Sister' Parish, who occupied a first floor apartment and Johnny and Noreen Drexel, whose top-floor apartment occupied half of the floor. 
The apartment first started when the owner bought the William Clark mansion occupying the spot. It was one of the largest and most expensive homes in New York City and cost $7 million to build (Over $100 million today).

The Clark Mansion 'FOR SALE' 

The owner first acquired the Clark mansion, then bought the five mansion surrounding it. Down went the grand homes and up when luxurious apartment. Excitement was already in the air and one wealthy millionaire insisted on buying an apartment before completion. He then went on to demand that the living room of his new 17-room apartment be two-stories high.

The Living Room

Though that was awhile back, the apartment building is still extremely popular. Most apartment owners in the building have net worths above $100 million and almost all of the apartments cost $15 million. Today, it remains one of the most luxurious and exclusive apartment buildings in the New York City. 


  1. Wow really love the Clark mansion. What an incredible home. RT

  2. I will make an wikipedia article about the building.I already did two articles on 998 and 820 and slightly improved 834 fifth article.In the next few days it will be ready.I give a apartment by apartment presentation.About the tenants very people know anything so dont expect much.Its a very little talked about building.

  3. I visited this building in the 1980's, when I worked for a prominent jewelry designer. Dotty Cherry, whose husband Wendell had created Humana Hospitals Corp., was our client, the apartment formerly owned by Sunny Von Bulow. We were given a tour, which occupied the entire floor...many rooms. The architecture, furnishings, and artwork were beyond belief, rivaling the Wrightsman rooms in the Met. I'll never forget it.

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  5. It's a house the misuse of the term "home" is a clear indication of background.

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