Monday, October 22, 2012

The Whim, The Newport Cottage Where Oatsie Charles Spends Her Summers

The Whim is the Newport cottage of Oatsie Charles, formerly the caretaker's cottage of the estate Land's End. Mrs. Charles had originally lived in Land's End, but she moved to the cottage after her husband's death. Mrs Charles renovated The Whim before she moved in, turning it into what she called "an elegant jewel box". In The Whim she placed her large collection of furniture and rare artwork, which included the antique paneling that she purchased from the auctioning of nearby Marble House. She made her biggest renovations on the grounds, which she turned into magnificent gardens. She recently had decorator John Peixinho redo the study at The Whim. "I told him I wanted a media room" said Charles "Not that I had any idea what that was. But I liked the sound of it". He completely redid the room, even re-covering her late husband's Barcalounger. Today, Oatsie still lives at The Whim and enjoys walking through her topiary wonderland. Click HERE to find out more about Land's End. 

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