Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hammersmith Farm, The Auchincloss's Newport Estate

Hammersmith Farm is a large Newport "cottage", formerly owned by the Auchincloss family. It was first sold to John Winthrop Auchincloss, who sold it to his brother, Hugh D. Auchincloss. When Hugh died, the estate passed to his son, Hugh D. Auchincloss Jr, whose 3rd wife was Janet Lee, former wife of Jack Bouvier. His stepdaughter, Jacqueline Bouvier, was married here to Senator John F Kennedy. After Hugh's death the property was sold. It has passed through many hands and is today a private residence. The Auchincloss family still resides on the property and own most of the grounds, though. Hugh D. "Yusha" Auchincloss III, Hugh's son, now lives in "The Castle", a large house that was originally the guest house. "The Palace", formerly the garage, is now occupied by Hugh III's sister. "The Windmill", a large non-working windmill by the ocean, is resided in by Hugh III's half sister, Nina. To read about "The Windmill", "The Castle", "The Palace" and other surviving Newport estates, click HERE.

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