Saturday, May 5, 2012

George J Gould mansion Fifth Avenue

The George J Gould Mansion was first a very gothic looking mansion with a carriage house in the back.
                                                           The original mansion

But soon the home outgrew the family and they had a much larger home constructed on the property.
The large home would be designed by Horace Trumbauer and would be in the Modern Renaissance Style and would be 5 stories high with the fifth floor hidden behind the copper crest of the roof.

Mixed into the floor plan were several large entertaining spaces such as a ballroom and reception room.

On the first floor there was a vestibule on either sides of the vestibule were a dressing room and pantry. The vestibule led to a long stair hall to the right was the dining room and to the left was the reception room.

                                                                      Stair Hall

                                                                    Dining Room
                                                               Reception Room

Upstairs a long hall separated the two main entertaining rooms: The drawing room and ballroom.

                                                                 The Ballroom
                                                                   The Drawing Room

                                                              2nd Story Hall

On the next floor was Mr and Mrs Gould's master suites each with adjoining bath and dressing room and separating the suites was a large Adam style sitting room. The next two floors had guests and servants rooms.
                                                         Mr Gould's Bedroom
                                                     Mrs Gould's Bedroom
                                                      Adam Style Sitting Room

Today a apartment building stands on the site although the did use Trumbauer's copper crests as decorative balconies.


  1. when these homes were demolished, what happened to all the furnishings and interiors?

    1. If it wasn't kept by the family or the estate, it was, in most cases, either auctioned off by the estate or donated to a museum.

  2. Tyler please dont use my blueprints without permission to do so.
    thank you,
    R Marchand


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