Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fifth Avenue Mansion of Paran Stevens

In 1893 proprietor Paran Stevens bought a large property expanding the entire block between 57th and 58th Streetand that he and his family moved into. The property was know as "Marble Row" and was really seven homes called units. "Marble Row" had formerly been the home of Ms. Mary Mason Jones who lived in the corner house and rented the other six to wealthy socialites and matrons for small sums.

                                                        The other "Marble Row" units

It was after Ms. Jones's death that the Stevens bought it. Paran commissioned several interior renovations including removing the master suite from the first floor to the second floor ( Ms. Jones's age made it impossible for her to climb stairs so she put her bedroom on the first floor ) and adding a large art gallery to the second floor. The result was french style rooms which looked cluttered and stuffed and every wall space covered with something. Mrs. Stevens entertained lavishly in the home and in Newport. After her and her husband's death the house was sold to the Herman Oelrichs and then later on demolished, today Louis Vuitton occupies the site.  

                                                Drawing Room (former first floor master suite)

                                                                     Dining Room
                                                                      Stair Hall
                                                         Second Floor Sitting Room
                                                                      Art Gallery

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