Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vanderbilt Yacht Postcard

A circa 1900's postcard of the Cornelius Vanderbilt III steam yacht, "North Star", which at 256-feet in length became the epitome of this class of American luxury craft (Robert Bruce). It is pictured here in the harbor at Newport, RI.

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  1. Tyler - While we're on the subject of Newport - and you seem to be the internet's #1 expert on Golden Newport - what has happened to this new movie "Bellevue Avenue" that is supposed to be filmed in Newport beginning this month? I have searched the internet (including the "Newport Now" website) and have not seen any updates regarding the proposed film since January. At that time a series of articles indicated that a "Downton Abbey style" theatrical film, set in Newport during the summer of 1912, would begin its filming in June. There seems to have been no news since then even though filming should begin any day now. Has the movie deal fallen through or been postponed? That would be a shame, because Hollywood has yet to produce a definitive theatrical film about Gilded Age Newport. Too many "Newport" films take place in Newport but were filmed elsewhere (think "High Society" and also the Newport Scenes in "The Age of Innocence") or they were filmed in Newport and take place elsewhere (think The 1974 version of "The Great Gatsby"). I am still waiting for that ultimate Newport movie - one that takes place between 1890 and World War I - a film that both takes place in Newport AND is filmed in Newport (with music by Strauss and Lehar, nor J-Z - do you hear that Baz?). Could "Bellevue Avenue" be that film?

    Titanic Bill


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