Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew Carnegie's Fifth Avenue Palace of a Home

 This mega palace on fifth avenue belong to Andrew Carnegie and his wife Louise. Andrew Carnegie was called the "Steel King" and owned Carnegie Steel. When he retired he sold Carnegie Steel to J. P. Morgan for $400 million and built a beautiful estate in Scotland on 40,000 acres called "Skibo Castle". He also wanted a New York City residence so he could manage his charity ventures. Andrew planned to give away all of the $400 million, except for $10 million for his family, and he needed city headquarters to do that. So he contacted Babb, Cook & Williard to design him a 64 room georgian style mansion on fifth avenue. The floor plan is that of a typical city dwelling.                                                

gThe interiors were done in a french and georgian style

                                                          The Dining Room and Study

                                                                  The Stair Hall
                                                                 The Main Hall
                                                                The Library

After Carnegie died his widow continued to live there until her death. It was then bought by the Cooper-Hewitt museum which still maintains it today.


  1. It's a fabulous mansion, definetely one of the biggest and most lavish ever built in Manhattan.The other contenders are the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion,the William Vanderbilt,The Clark, the Frick, the Schwab on Riverside Drive,and of course the Astor.There were other big ones but not on this level...Anyway,notice how these Gilded Age mansions despite being very large each had its own unique characteristics & layouts.Unlike the mcmanions built now....which are all the same(same floor plan,same rooms,same architecture,same everything).
    Great website btw, the Gilded Age really was a fabulous era to live in , if you were wealthy...proly the best time.

  2. FLOORPLANS//////????????
    from where do these come from?


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